Affordable Sleep Center

Affordable Sleep Center
This provider specializes in: Sleep Medicine

The Affordable Sleep Center was established with the goal of making sleep medicine affordable and to control costs. CPAP and BIPAP machines are sold at a steep discount. Only the latest, state of the art, automatic machines are used.

* For Oklahoma Residents Only

Services available at Affordable Sleep Center:
1. Expert medical evaluation by our team of sleep professionals
2. Evaluation of each patient to find the most cost-effective means to evaluate and treat all sleep disorders
3. Home sleep testing for most patients and use of sleep labs that are cost effective if it is needed
4. Arrangement of automated CPAP and BIPAP devices at the best cost
5. Access and download of information from the CPAP/BIPAP devices as needed for follow up and documentation, specifically necessary for CDL drivers
6. Patients who are may be paying cash for services may be evaluated, studied overnight, and provided with an auto-CPAP all within 24 hours

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To begin the process, please contact a KPP Advocate at (866) 898-7219. For a list of qualified procedures, please refer to the link below.

Qualified Procedures

Affordable Sleep Center Qualified Procedures (PDF format)