How Self-Funded Plans Can Save Big

If your benefit plan through your employer is self-funded, the savings you could gain by using a Kempton Premier Provider™ would mean that you are saving money for your employer (and for yourself) in the form of future contributions. This is not a trickle-down effect, either. Self-funded plans who utilize Kempton Premier Providers™ save thousands of dollars per year, and it's clearly visible on the bottom line of both the individuals and the business owner.

This program does NOT replace your current health benefit plan. Instead, it is a stand-alone program that allows you to take advantage of the free market and transparency in healthcare, while eliminating your out of pocket costs. This program is completely voluntary to the participant. Kempton Premier Providers™ gives you an incentive to utilize high efficiency providers, and assists you in seeking true value in your health care purchasing decisions. This program has led to nearly 5 million dollars in savings for our clients in just three years. Since your plan is self-funded, these savings do not pad an insurance companies bottom line, but instead stay with your employer, which allows them to keep your contributions low and your benefits comprehensive. If you utilize a Kempton Premier Provider™ for a qualified medical procedure, you benefit by incurring no out-of-pocket costs and your employer receives substantial savings. It’s a “win-win” for all parties involved!

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