About the Free Market Medical Association

The Free Market Medical Association is Dedicated to Bringing Together Physicians, Patients, and Employers to Revolutionize Healthcare in America.

The FMMA provides necessary resources to promote a successful industry; and defending the practice of free market medicine without the intervention of government or other third parties.

Matching a willing buyer with a willing seller of valuable healthcare services is the goal of everyone involved in this movement. We bring like-minded medical providers together to better run their business and better meet their patient's needs. We connect those providers with individual patients, and self-funded employers who have embraced transparency in healthcare. We provide an active list of physicians, self-funded businesses, third party administrators, and health care service providers that provide free market health care users an effective and efficient option to lower the cost of care and increase value.

To learn more about the benefits of membership and to join, please go to www.fmma.org.

The Kempton Group is a Member & Founder of the FMMA

It may be no surprise to anyone who has heard of our company, but The Kempton Group is not your average TPA. We believe in doing things a little differently—focusing on complete, up-front transparency at all levels of our business. We believe that actions speak louder than words, so from our compensation, to our employee education model, to our involvement, support, and promotion of the free market in healthcare, KGA advocates for transparency.

The Kempton Group is owned and operated by Jay Kempton, a co-founder of the FMMA. Since 2011, when Mr. Kempton became aware of the free market medical movement in Oklahoma; he has embraced it wholeheartedly and has spent the subsequent years focused on expansion of the healthcare free market locally and nationally.

When Mr. Kempton and Dr. Keith Smith partnered to form the FMMA, it was with the goal of having a deeper conversation about the true cost of care, and what damage it is doing to our community and to the country.

Transparency in healthcare is not JUST about saving money—it is a much deeper need. Decreasing costs to individuals and self-funded employers is vital, but increasing quality and fixing the broken healthcare system is just as critical.

FMAA Leadership
Local OK Chapter

The FMMA encourages the formation of local & state chapters! No one is better at anticipating the needs of your community better than you. Our local chapter of the FMMA functions as a leg of the national association, promoting the ideals and goals of the association at a local level. We not only provide support and encouragement to each other, but also resources that can drastically change the local landscape of the medical marketplace.

Getting everyone in the same room allows magic to happen! Allowing direct primary care physicians access to free market specialists, surgeons, facilities, and other like-minded providers can give them the resources to help direct their patients to practitioners who also believe in value based medical care. Putting self-funded employers in a room with these types of providers gives them direct access to the marketplace that can help them and their employees make better healthcare purchasing decisions. These meetings are always dynamic, educational, and fun as all of the parties, who were previously never allowed to talk to each other, get together and create new ways of providing excellent and cost effective care for patients.

Our local chapter meets quarterly 6 pm to discuss and share ideas and support. Occasionally, we will also have additional functions such as mixers, fundraisers, etc. Make sure to look for our emails for updates, invites, and news! Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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