Premier Surgical Institute

This provider specializes in: General Surgery

Premier Surgical Institute is the area's newest hospital specializing in inpatient surgery. Premier Surgical Institute hospital was the inspiration of a group of physicians to create an innovative approach to the wellness experience.

With state-of-the-art techniques, equipment, and facilities that far surpass the latest trends in comforts-of-home hospital environments, Premier Surgical Institute provides a compassionate health-spa-inspired escape for its patients, for a fraction of the cost of traditional hospitals.

Premier Surgical Institute is the hospital of choice for our growing roster of referring physicians and highly trained regional surgeons, who provide a range of surgical and wellness care to our patients.

Specialized Care
We are a specialized luxury hospital offering elite service, with no public emergency room or intake of patients with contagious illness or infectious diseases.

This means our patients don't have to share our facility with general hospital populations as do traditional hospitals.

Uncompromising Standards
Uniquely structured to cater to patient needs, Premier Surgical Institute's uncompromising standards in providing friendly, consistent, and individualized care ensures the best patient outcomes. With an impressive nurse-to-patient ratio that far exceeds traditional hospital systems, we immediately schedule procedures and surgeries so our patients don't have to wait to receive the care they need. As part of our overall wellness structure, Premier Surgical Institute's award-winning Physical Therapists are passionate about working with patients to ensure rapid recoveries.

Our luxurious and welcoming hospital grounds also promote wellness, and feature elements of nature, soothing colors, aroma therapy, comforting fireplaces, courtyards with fountains, and beautiful artwork.

Premier Surgical Institute is accredited by DNV, one of the nation's leading hospital accreditation organizations.

We are proud of consistently ranking nationally in the top 90th percentile for patient satisfaction.

You can visit Premier Surgical Institute online at http://www.premiersurgicalinstitute.com

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Qualified Procedures

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