Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is NOT part of Kempton Premier Providers™

Information on Direct Primary Care is provided as a courtesy to patients and employers looking to explore this option. The Kempton Group does not endorse or certify the quality of any physician listed.

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative payment & practice model for primary care services. DPC physicians offer services for a flat monthly rate instead of a traditional fee for service arrangement.

DPC physicians do not file insurance claims. They believe that patients, and/or their self-funded employers, will choose to pay the monthly rates because they provide a much higher level of patient care than a traditional primary care physician, and they’re right! DPC is growing quickly because of the value that these physicians provide.

You are a Customer, Not Just a Patient

  • Unlimited access to the actual physician, including availability outside of traditional office hours (not the nurse, not the PA)
  • Access to the physician through email, texting, and cell phone
  • Unrushed appointments
  • Same day and next day appointment
  • Some DPC’s make house calls
  • Some DPC’s offer medications at wholesale costs which can be far less than the Rx co-pay

What do the Experts Say?

Recently, analysis provided by Qliance Medical Management Inc. shows that the DPC model has the potential to lower healthcare costs by 20% per individual per year, while leaving patients feeling more satisfied with their care. The study showed a 66% reduction in radiology, a 53% reduction in ER visits, a 77% reduction in surgeries, and a 16% reduction in inpatient hospital days.

With the emphasis on unrestricted access to primary care, along with a more personalized approach, individuals in a DPC arrangement are able to get the care they need to stay healthier and more productive.

Let’s Compare the Patient Experience...

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